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EcoHouse – Control your heating costs


The subjects of high heating-energy consumption and energy efficiency are getting more and more important. You surely know how much fuel per year you need to heat your house or apartment. But do you also know whether your heating habits and your heating system are economical and efficient or expensive and wasteful?

EcoHouse gives you the answer!

EcoHouse simply categorizes your heating-energy consumption in one of the well-known fuel efficiency classes.

What does EcoHouse do?

From your annual fuel consumption for heating (fuel oil, natural gas, propane gas, wood and electricity) and the total of your house’s heated living surface, EcoHouse calculates the specific heating energy consumption of your house or apartment in KWh per square metre per year. EcoHouse also considers whether your heating system is used for sanitary hot water preparation or not.

This allows a classification of your house or apartment in fuel efficiency classes from A (very good) to G (very bad). As a result, you may estimate how economical your heating habits are, and / or how efficiently isolated your house is.

Screenshots and classification diagram

The classification diagram

The classification diagram:
Numbers are in Kilo-Watt-hours per square metre per year


Current version:


System requirements:




Click on the icon to load the file "EcoHouse.dmg" (264 kB).
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