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This is Minetoshs small Mac software section with some old programs for downloading. However, this section is currently in “deep sleep mode” until further notice.

There are three freeware programs available. All are Universal Binary and run on any PPC- and Intel-Mac with at least OS-X 10.3 installed. They all also run under macOS 10.12 Sierra. Available languages: French, German, English.

The programs


EcoHouse – Control your heating costs

From your annual fuel consumption for heating (fuel oil, natural gas, propane gas, wood and electricity) and the total of your house’s heated living surface, EcoHouse calculates the specific heating energy consumption of your house or apartment in KWh per square metre per year. EcoHouse also considers whether your heating system is used for sanitary hot water preparation or not.

This allows a classification of your house or apartment in fuel efficiency classes from A (very good) to G (very bad). As a result, you may estimate how economical your heating habits are, and / or how efficiently isolated your house is.

A new updated version of EcoHouse is available as web-app: EcoHouse 2.0


ImpTric – A simple unit converter

ImpTric – yet another unit converter, but with a focus on automotive units.

ImpTric was the starting point for the web-app ToolBox, an extended unit converter which does a lot more than converting units.


Winkel X – Angles and geology

Winkel X – an application to convert units of angle and to determine geological parameters

The conversion of units of angle is also included in the web-app "ToolBox". For the determination of geological parameters there's the web-app "Geo-1".

Winkel X

Downloads are available via the links on the program description pages or directly on the Download page.