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Winkel X – Angles and geology


Winkel X – “Winkel” is the german word for “angle” – is a tool to convert between units of angle (for example from decimal degrees into degrees, minutes and seconds). But it can also be used to calculate various geological parameters using functions of angle.

Winkel X allows you to choose between various sections and systems of angle measurement:

The Decimal System

Decimal system

Conversion between the units Radian [rad], Decimal Degrees [°], Grade or Gon [gon] and Percent [%].

The Sexagesimal System

Sexagesimal system

Conversion from decimal degrees, radians or gon into Degrees, Minutes and Seconds and vice versa.

Solid Angle

Solid angle

Conversion between Steradian [sr], Square Degrees, Square Gon and Spat. Calculates also spherical surface areas.



Calculates width of outcrop, true and apparent thickness, as well as true and apparent dip using various parameters. Help and explanations concerning geology are available in English, German and French.

For the determination of geological parameters there's also the web-app "Geo-1".


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Winkel X: Solid angle Winkel X: The sexagesimal system Winkel X: Geology - variable profile angle Winkel X: Raumwinkel Winkel X: Das Sexagesimale System Winkel X: Geologie - variabler Profilwinkel Winkel X: Angle solide Winkel X: Le système sexagésimal Winkel X: Géologie - angles de coupe variables

Solid angle

The sexagesimal system

Geology - variable profile angle


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