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EcoHouse evaluates the annual heating-energy consumption and categorizes houses into energy consumption classes. Takes into account the new updated energy classes.

Version: 2.2 (2022)
New in version 2.2: Major changes to the user interface; improved code security; no more cookies used



EcoCar calculates the average fuel consumption (Gasoline / Petrol, Diesel, LPG) of your vehicle (in L / 100 km, km / L; mpg US and imperial mpg). At the same time the CO₂ emissions and the CO₂ efficiency-class are determined.

Version: 1.2 (07/2022)
New in version 1.2: Major changes to the user interface

New in version 1.1: Some changes to the user interface

New in version 1.0: Data can now be stored locally in the browser



ToolBox is an extended unit converter. ToolBox converts, besides the usual units, sexagesimal angles, solid angles, number systems, units of radioactivity, consumption, concentration and cable dimensions. Furthermore, ToolBox calculates spherical surface areas and voltage drop in electrical wires. Setting values for the axle geometry of cars can also be calculated or converted with it.

Version: 1.6 (08/2022)
New in version 1.6: Major changes to the user interface

Version: 1.5 (10/2020)
New in version 1.5: Tables for a direct comparison of imperial (inches as fractions) and metric dimensions and to easily find equivalent tools

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Calculation of geological parameters (width of outcrop, true and apparent thickness, true and apparent dip) by means of various geological factors.

Version: 1.2 (03/2020)



RockClass is used to calculate the CIPW standard from geochemical analyzes of igneous rocks and allows rock classification using the Streckeisen (QAPF) and TAS (total alkali vs. silica) diagrams. The results of the calculations and the diagrams can be easily downloaded as csv and png files.

Version: 1.4 (01/2023)
Major changes to the user interface; fixed an Ilmenite / Sphene allocation bug; New function: Streckeisen diagrams can now be created directly without having to calculate the CIPW standard

Version: 1.3 (03/2020)

plg-gt barometer

A simple plagioclase-garnet barometer

This program serves for estimating metamorphic pressure from geochemical analyzes (microprobe) of rocks.

Version: 1 (05/2022)

Al-in-hbl barometer

The Aluminium-in-Hornblende barometer of Johnson & Rutherford

According to Johnson & Rutherford, metamorphic pressures can be estimated using the aluminum content in hornblendes.

Version: 1 (05/2022)

Amph-Plg thermometer

The Amphibole-Plagioclase Thermometer of Holland & Blundy

This program calculates trivalent iron, the occupations/activities in amphiboles, pressure according to Johnson & Rutherford and temperature using the hornblende plagioclase thermometer of Holland & Blundy.

Version: 1 (05/2022)



Automatic calculation of feldspar composition from microprobe analyses. The cations and the end members albite, anorthite, orthoclase and celsian are calculated.

Version: 1 (09/2023)