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On its homepage Minetosh online offers you – completely free – the opportunity to brush up your German or simply to have a “look and listen” to get an idea of the German language. You'll find texts for reading and listening. By simultaneously reading and listening to the texts you can get a feel for the language.

Additionally, there are videos dealing with and explaining some difficulties of german grammar and other subjects.

This section will be continuously expanded. Currently there's a series of videos dealing with important german phrases and sentences available: There is a total of 20 volumes with over 400 phrases.

The exercises and texts

The list below shows the currently available texts, exercises (grammar- and comprehension exercises, etc.) and the supplements to the videos.

NEW: The supplements to the videos of the series "Wichtige deutsche Sätze" now all contain a pdf-file with english translations!

Texte (pdf)

Der Floh (The flea)

Der Fuchs und die Gans (The fox and the goose)

Übungen (pdf)

Der Plural und das Geschlecht der Nomen im Deutschen und im Französischen

Übung zum Satzbau 1

Übung Textverständnis: Fragen zum Text "Der Floh"

Vokabeltest 1

Vokabeltest 2

Vokabeltest 3


Supplements to the videos


You'll find the player, the multi-media files, i.e. the audio and video files, and the corresponding texts on this page.

There, you can choose and read a text while listening to the related audio file. The texts also show up in the video player where you can read them comfortably (switch to full-screen mode if necessary).

The licenses

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Unless otherwise stated, the texts, exercises, etc. on this site are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution–ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit: