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This page gives an overview of the geology offerings on Minetosh online. On the one hand, there are web apps that can be used online; on the other hand, LibreOffice Calc worksheets are available for download. These are "rediscovered" MS Excel worksheets that have been adapted for Calc.
The content may be expanded by additional contributions in a casual sequence.

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Contributions on the subject of geology


The following geology web apps are available:

Geo-1 Calculation of various geological parameters by means of trigonometrical functions

RockClass Calculation of the CIPW norm from geochemical analyses of igneous rocks and rock classification using the Streckeisen (QAPF) and TAS (total alkali vs. silica) diagrams

LibreOffice Calc

Spreadsheets for the manual and automatic, macro-controlled evaluation of microprobe data: calculation of mineral compositions, CIPW norm, etc.; automatic creation of classification diagrams.
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LibreOffice Calc spreadsheets


Various geology-related content that doesn't fit into the two categories above: