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Multi-media materials for learning german – Memory-game 1


Adjectives: Searching the opposite

A game with adjectives: Find the opposite of a particular adjective. For example: weit (far) — nah (close).

It works similar to the well known memory-game. Click on one of the light-grey fields and an adjective will show up for a short time. Search the opposite by clicking on the other fields. After finding it, check the corresponding check-boxes.

Optionally, you can also listen to the adjectives when you click. To do this, mark the check box below.

Yes, please read!

Note: After clicking for a first time on one of the fields, you have to, for technical reasons, click twice to make the content visible again. With Firefox it may be necessary to move the mouse slightly during and after the click.


The following page contains once more a list of the associated adjectives with translations (French and English) and an audio function.
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