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Multi-media materials for learning german – Memory-game 2


Forming composite words

A game with vocables - Form a new word from several given words. For example: Wort (word) + Spiel (game) = Wortspiel (play on words).

It works similar to the well-known memory game. Click on a light gray field, a word briefly appears. Click on the other fields to find the word (or words) that match the first word to form a compound word. Once you have found it, check the relevant fields. With the round radio button you determine which of the words is first (in the example above: "Wort"). The compound word is then displayed (in one case there are two options ;-).

Optionally, you can also listen to the words when you click. To do this, mark the check box below.

Yes, please read!

Note: After clicking for a first time on one of the fields, you have to, for technical reasons, click twice to make the content visible again. With Firefox it may be necessary to move the mouse slightly during and after the click.


The following page contains a list of the composite words with translations (French and English) and an audio function.
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