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Welcome to Minetosh online

Multi-media materials for learning german – Downloads – Web-Apps – Geology

Minetosh online offers free multi-media materials for learning german, which you may also download. Furthermore there are some web-apps ...


Hello and, once again, welcome to Minetosh online and thank you very much for visiting these pages. Below you'll find an overview of what you can find at Minetosh online. Please take your time and have a look around to find out what there is ...


This time there is a triple pack... – 3 new online geology programs (May 2022):

1) A simple plagioclase-garnet barometer
This simple program serves for estimating metamorphic pressure with the help of geochemical (microprobe) analyzes of rocks.

2) The Aluminium-in-Hornblende barometer of Johnson & Rutherford
According to Johnson & Rutherford, metamorphic pressures can be estimated using the aluminum content in hornblendes.

3) The Amphibole-Plagioclase Thermometer of Holland & Blundy
This program calculates trivalent iron, the occupations/activities in amphiboles, pressure according to Johnson & Rutherford and temperature using the hornblende plagioclase thermometer of Holland & Blundy.

Oral comprehension and writing Vol. 1
Small dictations: hear and write texts (October 2021)

Oral comprehension and writing Vol. 1
Small dictations: hear and write texts (October 2021)

New pages on geology
Web apps, LibreOffice Calc worksheets, downloads, cartoons, info, etc.; just have a look ... (May 2021)

ToolBox Web-App extended ...
New: Tables for direct comparison of imperial (inches as fractions) and metric measures and to find easily equivalent tools (October 2020)

Crossword puzzle 1
Vocabulary and knowledge (August 2020)

A memory game with words:
Forming composite substantives (June 2020)

A memory game with adjectives:
Searching the opposite (March 2020)

New web-app: RockClass
Calculation of the CIPW norm for magmatic rocks; classification with Streckeisen and TAS diagrams (January 2020)

The modal verbs – Part 2
The use of the modal verbs "sollen" and "müssen"; including exercise (June 2019)

A quiz
... with questions about Germany and german grammar (February 2019)


German teaching material

Minetosh online offers multi-media files for learning german. These include grammar exercises and tests, texts and audio-files for simultaneous listening and reading and video- and audio-files dealing with certain topics of german grammar.
For example the “Wechselpräpositionen”. Do have an idea of what this is? Well, “Wechselpräpositionen” are prepositions that change their case with the context in which they are used. Here you can find out, what “Wechselpräpositionen” are and how to use them correctly. So have a look to refresh your German or to learn something new.


Additionally, there's a series of videos (screen-casts) with important german phrases and sentences. With these you may practice some important phrases which might come in handy during a stay inGermany. This may help you to ask for a room in a german “Gasthaus”. Or, when you're sitting in beer-garden and you'd like to order a “Bier” and a “Bratwurst” or some “Apfelwein” and “Handkäse mit Musik”. But there are also sentences dealing with a lot of other situations: asking for one's way, in a garage, at the doctor, etc ...
There is a total of 20 volumes with over 400 phrases available.


You may also download all of these items for free. There are interactive files for LibreOffice / OpenOffice or MS Excel allowing to do the exercises without an Internet connection. The solutions are always included. You may even download the audio tracks of the videos as mp3-files, including the accompanying text files (pdf). And as it has been stated above: all this for free! Just one request: Please do respect the respective licenses (Creative Commons)!


Crossed hammers Geology Crossed hammers

On the subject of geology, there are web-apps on Minetosh online, LibreOffice Calc worksheets for download (macro-controlled evaluation of microprobe data, calculation of mineral compositions, automatic creation of classification diagrams, CIPW standard, etc. But other things can also be found here (dissertation, photos, Links, cartoons, etc.). Just have a look ...



Below is an overview of the web apps that are already available on Minetosh online:

Miscellaneous Web-Apps

EcoHouse 2.1

EcoCar 1.1

ToolBox 1.5


Geo1 1.2

RockClass 1.3

A simple plagioclase-garnet barometer

The Aluminium-in-Hornblende barometer of Johnson & Rutherford

The Amphibole-Plagioclase Thermometer of Holland & Blundy