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The list below shows the currently available online exercises. Many online exercises are also available as LibreOffice / OpenOffice and Excel spreadsheets or pdf-files for downloading:

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Declension exercise 1

Conjugation exercise 1

The verb "sein" ("to be")

Conjugation exercise 2

The verb "haben" ("to have")

Conjugation exercise 3

The verb "werden" ("to become")

Cloze test 1

Different word forms

German as foreign language – Evaluation test

Test your grammar knowledge and text comprehension

The comparison of adjectives

The quiz 1: Germany and the german grammar

Cloze test 2

The modal verbs \"können\" and \"dürfen\"

Cloze test 3

The modal verbs \"sollen\" and \"müssen\"

Memory game 1

A memory game with adjectives: Searching the opposite

Memory game 2

A memory game with words: Forming composite substantives

Crossword puzzle 1

Vocabulary and knowledge (August 2020)